Valmiera Industrial Park

Land units are available for industrial enterprises in the territory of Valmiera Industrial Park. It is a place for business with capacity. A large area prepared for industrial development in a strategically advantageous location. Available for local and international companies.

Within two years, the 57.55 ha Valmiera Municipality, with the support of the European Recovery Fund, will provide businesses with access to the public railway, industrial electricity connection and the possibility to connect to utilities. Work is also underway to create spacious and illuminated parking areas, fencing and an internal road.

Advantages on an area of 57.55 ha

  • Access to public rail;
  • Large energy capacities (15 MW of electricity on 31 December 2025; up to 78 MW from 1 February 2027 with the possibility of free power generation);
  • Industrial site of ~44 600 m2 with a load-bearing capacity of 60 t (concrete paving material) for loading – unloading of goods;
  • ~ 368 000 m2 of land available for development;
  • Possibility to connect to utilities (water supply, municipal sewerage, storm water sewerage);
  • Illuminated parking areas. Long-term parking for trucks and light vehicles on an area of 15 000 m2 with a load-bearing capacity of 40 t/m2. Parking area of ~10 000 m2;
  • Fenced area;
  • Professional maintenance and management service;
  • Access roads to regional roads;
  • Convenient public transport routes.


The railway will be used to move freight between Valmiera railway station and Valmiera Industrial Park. A ~3.1 km private broad-gauge rail network will be available with a connecting track to the existing public infrastructure of the state joint stock company “Latvijas dzelzcels”, as well as:

  • one loading and unloading track;
  • two receiving-shipping tracks.

At the beginning of the internal railway network, an industrial yard of ~44 600 m2 with a load-bearing capacity of 60 t (yard surfacing material – concrete) will be constructed for loading and unloading of goods.

Advantages in an area of 25 ha

  • deforested land for the construction of industrial buildings, as well as for landscaping;
  • electricity with a maximum capacity of 78 MW from 1 February 2027 with the possibility of free power generation.

Accessibility and mobility

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