“From July 2021, Valmiera will merge with the surrounding territories to form the second largest municipality in Latvia. Valmiera has a long tradition of manufacturing. Valmiera is the second leading city in the country in terms of per capita production and exports, twice the Latvian average. Valmiera is a growing and development-oriented centre of knowledge, talent and business. We are committed to continue to promote entrepreneurship and create a dynamic business environment. Valmiera’s goal is to attract talent. I believe that attracting foreign direct investment will help to achieve this. Strong companies, a favourable business environment, a consistent support system and close cooperation between entrepreneurs, educational institutions and the municipality will make it possible to achieve this goal. We will continue to invest in people, infrastructure, new territories, healthcare, sport, culture and quality of life. We will continue to offer an excellent support system, making entrepreneurs and investors feel welcome in Valmiera.”

Jānis Baiks, Chairman of the Valmiera Municipality Council


Valmiera and Valmiera Region - the best place to live, work, study and relax


Valmiera was founded in 1283. Valmiera city area – 19.35km², total area – 2946km², 5 regional towns, 26 municipalities, population – 54 642, of which 24 868 are residents of Valmiera city. Population of working age – 33 806.

Valmiera is made up of its people. Each with their own deeds, knowledge, participation, attitude, each different, but all together proud to be Valmierians. The story of Valmiera is the story of its people.

Valmiera is a growing, development-oriented city – a centre of knowledge, talent and business. The city is constantly developing entrepreneurship and creating a dynamic business environment. Resources are invested in people, infrastructure, new territories, healthcare, sport, culture and quality of life.

Valmiera, which has historically had a strong entrepreneurial spirit, combined with tolerance and openness to the new, is very attractive to people who have left Latvia for various reasons and circumstances.

Valmiera Municipality is strategically located in the north-east of Latvia, on the A3 motorway connecting Latvia with Estonia.


Valmiera is a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities. A comprehensive education system is at the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship in Valmiera.

Valmiera and Valmiera Region have a diverse and accessible education from pre-school to vocational, higher education and lifelong learning. 

Valmiera Technical College offers 12 professions, including industrial professions such as renewable energy technician, mechanical engineering technician and industrial equipment mechanic. The Technical School also offers training for adults. The institution focuses on cooperation with employers and industries.

Vidzeme University College offers 17 study programmes at the faculties of Social Sciences and Engineering. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the City of Valmiera opened the Institute of Social, Economic and Humanitarian Studies (HESPI). The University is a member of the E³UDRES² Alliance, a European University dedicated to local problem solving and innovation.


Satisfied with the quality of life in Valmiera
Making sure the city is friendly for families with young children

To attract talent and young professionals and provide their families with quality rental apartments, a major project to build apartment blocks in the city was carried out, offering 150 new dwellings for rent at a price of €5.80 per square metre.

In total, more than 600 new dwellings are planned to be built in Valmiera. The municipal housing stock (more than 70 apartments) is available for ownership in Seda, 22 km from Valmiera, where €8.2 million has already been invested to expand the housing stock and ensure affordability.

Despite the municipality’s contribution to the housing stock, private individuals are also offering their properties for rent or purchase throughout the municipality.

Valmiera’s public transport mobility ensures convenient and efficient access to work also outside Valmiera.


Valmiera district is home to theatre, song festivals and various Latvian cultural events. The first cookbook in Latvian was published in the Rubene Rectory at the end of the 18th century, Gustavs Ērenpreiss was born in Mazsalaca and started the production of widely used bicycles.

The most important cultural offer in Valmiera District is in Valmiera – Valmiera Drama Theatre, Valmiera Culture Centre, “Gaisma” cinema theatre, Old Pines Park and “Valmiera” concert hall, Valmiera Museum, Valmiera Integrated Library, Valmiera St. Valmiera, Valmiera Museum, Valmiera University, Valmiera University, Valmiera Church.

The cultural offer is also extensive in the county’s towns and municipal centres – the Neikenkalns Nature Concert Hall, for which the Valmiera Region is a member of the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award Alliance, the Vaidava Stage, Dikļu Castle, Valmiermuiža Castle Park, Naukšēni Human Museum, Kokmuiža Castle Complex, Skaņākalna Park, Rubene Church, where the Catholic priest Indriķis once wrote the Livonian Chronicle of Indriķis. The municipality has three museums, as well as exhibition halls, meeting houses, open-air stages, craft centres, etc.

Valmiera is committed to providing a high quality cultural offer for everyone interested in and lovers of culture. The city hosts various cultural events, performances, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and other cultural processes. It is through the interaction of cultural strands that new initiatives and cooperation models are born. Citizens co-create cultural processes and are at the centre of every cultural event.

Valmiera wins 2nd place – European Capital of Culture 2027 

Valmiera – a world-classplayer in sports! 

Valmierians are known for being as active and full of energy as the River Gauja. The city’s athletic success can be attributed to a number of factors: the city’s fresh air, nature areas, high-quality training conditions suitable for a variety of disciplines, talented and driven athletes, dedicated coaches. Our sporting traditions, the achievements of our athletes and the commitment of our coaches have put Valmiera’s name on the map, both within Latvia and far beyond its borders. 

The excellent sports infrastructure in the region encourages active leisure and professional sport. Valmiera focuses on high-performance sport – Valmiera Olympic Centre, Valmiera Swimming Pool, Maris Strombergs BMX track “Valmiera”, 2021. The renovated Jānis Daliņš Stadium and the athletics manege, which received the main prize of the Latvian Construction Award 2021, the beach volleyball base at Daliņi beach, the rowing sports base “Krāces”, the tennis courts of the Vaidava Sports House with Davis Cup tennis surface, as well as the Valmiera Sports School, Bertāns Valmiera Basketball School, Rūjiena Sports School and Kocēni Sports School. Sports activities are also available at sports infrastructure facilities open to the county’s residents and visitors.


Valmiera is home to Vidzeme Hospital, a level VI health care institution consisting of three units in Valmiera, Rūjiena and Valka and a structural unit Mazsalaca Hospital, and outpatient services provider Valmiera Health Centre Ltd. There are 7 paramedic stations in the municipality.

The “Strenči Psychoneurological Hospital” is located in the region, and the services of general practitioners, medical specialists and pharmacies are available in the territory of the municipality. There is also a Sports Health Centre and Vidzeme Children’s Health Centre “Apelsīns” in Valmiera.

The municipality of Valmiera also has day-care centres for different age groups with functional and mental disabilities, as well as specialised workshops.


There are 81 active foreign investor companies in the Valmiera region from countries such as Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Georgia, Belgium, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and others. 51 of all investors have invested in projects located in Valmiera, providing 1619 jobs.

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