Premises and land of two hangar buildings of the real estate Rūpniecības iela 1, Valmiera

Valmiera Municipality announces the first written auction of the right to lease the premises and land of two hangar buildings, cadastral designations 9601 013 1811 021, 9601 013 1811 022, located at 1 Rūpniecības Street, Valmiera, Valmiera Municipality.

The object of the auction – immovable property – investment object – at 1 Rūpniecības Street, Valmiera, Valmiera County, cadastral No 9601 013 1811, consisting of two warehouse buildings, cadastral designation 96010131811021, area 385,9 m2 and cadastral designation 96010131811022, area 514,8 m2, both buildings address Eksporta iela 9, Valmiera, Valmiera County, and the land unit with cadastral designation 9601 013 0090, with an area of 2890 m2, including the undeveloped land unit with an area of 1920 m2.

  • The rental price of the auction object for one month (the starting price of the rental auction) is set at EUR 192,18  excluding VAT.
  • The bidding step for the object of the auction – EUR 30,00.
  • The purpose of use of the auction object – carrying out commercial activities
  • The lease term of the auction object – 12 (twelve) years.
  • Type of auction – first written auction of the lease right with an ascending step.
  • In order to participate in the auction, applicants for the lease right must pay a security deposit of EUR 235,00.

Applicants for the right to lease may submit their applications until 16 May 2024 at 17.00:

  1. by handing it in person at the Valmiera Municipality Document Management and Customer Service Centre, 2 Lāčplēša Street, Valmiera, Valmiera Municipality, LV-4201, on Mondays from 8:00 to 18:00, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:00 to 16:00; or
  2. by post to the Auctioneer at the address Lāčplēša iela 2, Valmiera, Valmiera County, LV-4201 (ensuring that it is received by 16.05.2024 at 17.00).

The auction shall take place on 21 May 2024 at 10.55 in the administration building of Valmiera Municipality, 2 Lāčplēša Street, Valmiera, Valmiera Municipality, with the Commission opening the written applications submitted by the bidders at its meeting.

Contact person for matters related to the lease auction is Evija Stračinska, Senior Real Estate Specialist for Lease of Premises, Real Estate Management Department, Valmiera Municipality, phone +371 25618630, e-mail:

Applicants can find the terms and conditions of the lease auction and its annexes here (LV):

Terms and conditions of the auction for the right to lease

Annex 1. Draft Lease Agreement

Annex 2. Plot plan

Annex 3. Plan of the premises of Building 021

Annex 4. Plan of the premises of Building 022

Annex 5. Application for participation in the auction

Annex 6. Investment Plan

Annex 7. Building 021 Technical Inspection Report

Annex 8. Building 022 Technical Inspection Report

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